Doctor of Philosphy

2011 Ximonie Clark: Ximonie is investigating temperature, body size and nutrition on foraging behaviour of locusts.


2014 Sara Perry; A modelling and experimental approach to understanding what controls gut emptying and the ability of a locusts to extract nutrients from plants (Primary supervisor)

Undergraduate assistants

Katherine Crnkovic
Chris Jolly
Ana Minguetti
Sara-Rose Perry
Julia Sheehan


Master of Science Students, project:
*2007 Ester Tarsisz, Masters student [Master of Applied Science (Wildlife Health and Population Management)]. Assisted with the project work component of course (minor thesis). PhD University of Wollongong

2005 Saatje Hontelez, Masters Student, Wageningen University, Netherlands, minor thesis project completed at The University of Sydney ‘Foraging in a heterogeneous landscape’.

Honours Students, projects and results1

1 Honours marking scheme;  H1 = 1st class Honours, H2A = upper 2nd class honours, H2B = lower 2nd class honours, H3 = 3rd class honours, Fail = fail.

2top student and winner William John Dakin Prize in Zoology

3School of Molecular Biosciences, The University of Sydney

2013 Alexandra Richardson: Linking morphometrics of grasshopper mandibles with functional outcomes (H2A, Primary Supervisor).

2013     Chris Allister; Dietary ecology of neriid flies (Associate supervisor, Chris was enrolled at the University of New South Wales working with A/Prof. Russell Bonduriansky).

2010 Ximonie Clark; ‘Modelling nutritional interactions: from individuals to communities.’ (H1, Primary supervisor). PhD student, University of Sydney.

*22010 Nicole Coggan; ‘Body temperature and priorities: Can ectotherms use thermoregulation to maximise both rate of development and nutrient gain.’ (H1, Primary supervisor). PhD student, La Trobe University, Victoria

32010Megan Lee; ‘The gut microbiota of locusts: A study of locust diet engineering gut microbial community structure and contributing to host nutrition’ (H1, Co-supervisor)

2009-2010 Jeremy Platt; ‘The confusing life of a mesoherbivore: Feeding decisions in a heterogeneous environment’. Project investigating resource use by an amphipod in the intertidal zone. (H1, Primary supervisor). Science education officer, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, The University of Sydney.

2008 William Armour; ‘The morphology and physiology of plant tissue following ingestion by the Australian plague locust (Chortoicetes terminifera) and possible consequences for nutrient assimilation.’  (H1, Primary supervisor). PhD student with Prof. Robyn Overall, The University of Sydney.

*32008 Ben Tedder; ‘Mechanisms controlling macronutrient regulation in the locust, Locusta migratoria.’  (H1, Co- supervisor). Accountant

*2007 Oliver Bradshaw; ‘Wind affects morphology, function and chemistry of eucalypt seedlings with potential ecological consequences.’ (H1, Co- supervisor). Local Government officer.

2007 Antony Gould; ‘Influence of wave energy on algal morphology and biochemistry and limpet nutrition’. (H2A, Co- supervisor). PhD student, University of Western Sydney.

*2006 Lindsay Gray; ‘Peer pressure: examining the expression of density-dependent behavioural phenotypic plasticity in Chortoicetes terminifera, the Australian Plague Locust’.  (H1, Co- supervisor). PhD student, The University of Sydney.

Undergraduate students and projects

3rd year Advanced students;

2013 (Sara-Rose Perry, Animal Physiology) Investigating the effect of temperature on gut pH and digestive enzyme activities.

2013 (Julia Sheehan, Ecophysiology) The functional significance of the molar ridges of a grass-feeding grasshopper, Locusta migratoria.

2012  (Ruby Barber and Amelia Saul, Ecophysiology) Investigating the effect of water concentration and relative humidity on feeding behaviour.

2010  (De-Anne Attwood and Zuben Brown, Ecophysiology) Nutritional consequences of plasticity of the gastrointestinal tract.

2010  (Yvonne Chang, Animal Physiology) Temperature and food intake in an ectotherm.

2010  (Zuben Brown, Evolutionary Genetics and Animal Behaviour) Nutrient state dependent locomotion.

2009  (Ximonie Clarke, Ecophysiology) Behaviour of Locusta migratoria mouthpart palps under different nutritional conditions.

2008  (Nicole Coggan, Fungi in the Environment) Effect of fungal pathogens in rye grass on feeding and nutrition in Locusta migratoria.

2007  (five students, Ecophysiology) Interactive effect of zinc and nutrients on growth and development of Locusta migratoria.

2006  (Helen Clark, Animal Physiology) investigated the effect of ontogenetic development stage on the jump response of Chortoicetes terminifera.

2nd year Advanced students;

2010  (Zuben Brown, Invertebrate Zoology) Effect of nutrition on locomotory behavior.

2008-2010  (eight students, Entomology) Nutritional wisdom in insects: nutrient specific foraging by Locusta migratoria.


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