September 5:
TBS eFM’s “This Morning”

July:  [German Public Radio]


April 30: 

Jan 27:
Dr Fiona Clissold, a nutritional physiological ecologist from the Animal-Plant Interactions Group comments that locust outbreaks occur in low-quality pastures that are high in nitrogen. “Slideshow: Low-Quality Plants Power Locust Outbreak”  ScienceNOW (Online).

Jan 12:
News from the Natural World. Picky predators need a balanced diet.

2011 Septemeber 11: “Hatching a plan to control a plague” Dr Fiona Clissold answered questions for a special feature on locust plagues, published in Shepparton News.

2010, November
Channel 9 News: Dr Fiona Clissold interviewed regarding the locust plague in Victoria,
Nov 19:


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